Cologne Risk Index - Military Version:

The CRI-Mv Screening forms the basis for the TGIP. According to the risk factors identified persons are assigned to one of three groups:

"Group of Recovery": The persons belonging to the Group of Recovery are likely to cope with the traumatic situation with the use of their given resources and capacities. Their natural healing process is expected to lead to recovery.

"Switchers": The switchers are literally on the verge of chronifying. Whether the traumatic process will lead to recovery or not is significantly influenced by the ammount of additional social and institutional stress imposed on the affected persons during the time following the traumatic situation. Without this additional stress they are likely to come to terms with the traumatic process just as the group of recovery.

"High Risk Group": Persons assigned to the high risk group show a high potential risk of developing a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or other psychiatric or psychosomatic disorders.

The slide below presents the intervention methods taken for the various groups in accordance with the TGIP. It is taken from the eReader 3.0.

Key Terms:

1. Psychoeducation 2. Guidance in self-helping techniques 3. Psychological Aftercare 4. Diagnostics